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What is job sharing for doctors?

Two people share one job

Job-sharing for doctors is a work arrangement where two employees are sharing one full-time job. For instance, each job sharing partner is working 55%. The 5% overlap is used to meet at the workplace to handover patients

Why job sharing?

Better work-life balance and staff retention

Even though a third* of all doctors in Switzerland would like to work part-time, hospitals rarely offer part time jobs. Job-sharing is a solution by which both doctors and hospitals benefit.

*vgl. VSAO-Studie 01.03.2016 „Ein Drittel will Teilzeit“


Higher job satisfaction

Better work -life balance

Trusted partner for professional exchange


Filling open job positions quicker

Higher staff retention

More focused and relaxed staff


Higher return on investment in university education

Strengthening equal opportunities in the workplace

How does DoppelDoc work?

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2. Find a job sharing partner

Once your search criteria overlap with another user we will send you an email with their email address

3. Apply together

Once you have found a suitable partner you can – outside DoppelDoc – apply for open positions

Success stories

As junior doctors we shared for two years one full time role at the Kantonsspital Chur. Each of us was employed at 55% with independent contracts. We worked on a weekly basis to attend alternately the Senior Physician visit and make the most of training programs. Before the weekly swap we met for half a day to handover in-patients and exchange thoughts. Due to this job-sharing arrangement we were able to balance family and work

Salome und Birgit

Doctors and mothers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DoppelDoc?

I’m Salome Kisker, doctor and mother of two. I developed DoppelDoc out of my own need with my brother Jakob Kisker, who works as a product developer.

What happens with my registration data?

Your data will be managed by Doppeldoc and treated confidentially. By registering at DoppleDoc you give your consent.

I can’t find a partner in my region/specialisation. What should I do?

You should ask your employer if job-sharing would be possible. There might be someone in your team that would like to work part-time as well.

What do I have to consider when choosing a job-sharing partner?

First of all, the chemistry between you needs to be right. You have to complement each other, value the work of your partner and support each other.

Am I obliged to work in case my job-sharing partner is not attending work?

To answer this and similar questions, reading this document will give you further clarity. The legal bases of job-sharing in Switzerland are comprehensively explained in this document.

How is DoppelDoc financed?

DoppelDoc is funded by sponsors but we are happy for each donation to support further development and running of the platform. In case you want to support us, please get in touch with me (salome@DoppelDoc.ch )

Do you have questions that are not listed here?

Feel free to send an email to Salome@doppeldoc.ch and I will try to answer it.